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Foodie Calls - The Art of Date, Dine and Ditch

Picture this: you've swiped right on Tinder, arranged a date at a quaint pub in the heart of Leeds, and eagerly anticipated meeting your potential soulmate. But as the evening unfolds, you realise your date is more interested in the menu than meaningful conversation. Congratulations, you've just encountered the phenomenon known as 'date, dine and ditch'.

In the world of modern dating, where love is just a swipe away and commitment is as rare as a sunny day in Manchester, the foodie call has become a cheeky pastime for some singletons looking to score a free meal and drinks.

The Strategic Approach

So how does one execute the perfect 'date, dine and ditch'? It's all about strategy, my dear reader. First, you need to lure your unsuspecting victim with promises of romance and fine dining. Choose a trendy restaurant or hipster bar that screams 'Instagram-worthy' and watch as your date's excitement grows.

Next, employ subtle tactics to ensure your date's generosity knows no bounds. Casually mention your love for expensive cocktails or drop hints about your insatiable appetite for gourmet cuisine. With any luck, your date will be too preoccupied with impressing you to notice the impending betrayal.

The Great Escape

Once the meal is over and the bill arrives, it's time to execute your escape plan. Feign a sudden headache or an urgent work email that requires your immediate attention. Apologise profusely, promise to make it up to your date, and make a swift exit before they have a chance to protest.

As you hail a taxi and disappear into the night, you can't help but feel a twinge of guilt mixed with satisfaction. After all, you've just enjoyed a free meal courtesy of your unsuspecting date.

The Aftermath

Of course, a foodie call is not without its risks. Your date may see through your cunning facade and call you out on your deception. In that case, it's best to apologise sincerely and offer to split the bill as a gesture of goodwill.

Alternatively, you may find yourself on the receiving end of a 'date, dine and ditch' scheme orchestrated by your own date. It's a cruel, yet strangely poetic, twist of fate.


Well, all joking aside, there have been studies conducted to examine the personality traits of people who partake in this. errrm, 'hobby', and the results aren't good - let's just say, being left to pay the bill may be a small price to pay compared to furthering a relationship with a date, dine and ditcher!

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